‘Translation in a Digital Age’, British Academy, Monday 11 November 2013

Part of the British Academy & Guardian Language Festival

Organized by the Arts and Humanities Research Council ‘Translating Cultures’ and ‘Digital Transformations’ themes in collaboration with the British Academy

A panel discussion on ‘Translation in a Digital Age’

Monday 11 November 2013

6.00-8.30 pm

British Academy, 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AH


While translation attracts increased attention in contemporary politics, culture and society, the practices the term encompasses are undergoing processes of radical change as a result of advances in digital technology and the internet. Developments in machine translation and computational linguistics, crowd-sourcing, translation apps, free online language translation services and other innovations are revolutionizing the ways in which translations are produced and consumed, and also extending our understanding of what is or is not translatable. These developments are challenging traditional understandings of translation, not least in relation to its commercial, professional, political and cultural dimensions. The place of human agency in translation is also undergoing rapid change, leading certain commentators to predict the ‘death of the translator’. Participants in this panel will assess the implications of recent developments in machine translation, computational linguistics and other technologies whilst exploring what, in the light of an emerging digital humanism, persists of the ‘living voice’ in translation practices


Sarah Ardizzone (translator; curator, Spectacular Translation Machine)

Professor Jeremy Munday (University of Leeds)

Professor Stephen Pulman FBA (University of Oxford)

Dr Matt Stuttle (Google)

Professor Andy Way (Dublin City University; Lingo24; editor, Machine Translation)


Professor Charles Forsdick (University of Liverpool; AHRC Theme Leadership Fellow, ‘Translating Cultures’)

Professor Andrew Prescott (KCL; AHRC Theme Leadership Fellow, ‘Digital Transformations’)

To register, please contact:

email: britishacademy@vistaevents.co.uk

telephone: 020 8542 7622

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