Call for papers: French Cultural Studies — religion and culture in France

Religion and culture in France
Call for papers

The journal French Cultural Studies is planning a Special Issue in 2016, devoted to the role of religion in French culture and society over the past 60 years. Proposals and manuscripts are now invited.

In recent years, France has often been in the headlines for its passionate debates around the principle of laïcité, usually rendered as secularism in English. And recently a UN-sponsored survey ranked France as the fourth most atheistic country in the world. These appear to indicate a widespread turning away from traditional religious beliefs and practices. However, this is not the whole story.

In recent years, some parts of the Christian, Moslem and Jewish communities have found a new assertiveness. There has been an upsurge of interest in non-traditional beliefs, including those from the Far East. And a growing number of avowed atheists are affirming the value of spirituality and espousing religious-style practices.

Looking back over the past 60 years, there have been many shifts in the religious landscape in France, including the development of a strong Moslem presence, the renewal of Catholicism in the wake of the Second Vatican Council, the resurgence of Jewish thought and the emergence of a new atheism. These changes have been both championed and challenged by individuals, groups and institutions, and have been reflected in the cultural life of the country.

French Cultural Studies invites proposals and manuscripts that address the patterns of belief and practice in France and their role in French culture in its broadest sense of creating representations and performing meanings. Articles may take historical or contemporary perspectives and may offer topics and approaches based in any of the disciplines concerned with culture, including literary studies, cultural history, philosophy, theology, media and communications, visual or performing arts, linguistics, ethnography or popular culture.

Proposals should be sent in the form of an abstract and short curriculum vitae to the Editor of the Special Issue, Prof Michael Kelly (University of Southampton):, to be received by Monday 16th February 2015. Completed manuscripts will be required by 30 September 2015 and may be submitted in English or French.

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