ASMCF North West Postgraduate Workshop Call for Papers: “Divisions”

ASMCF North West Postgraduate Workshop Call for Papers: “Divisions”

University of Liverpool

Wednesday 10th June 2015

The third ASMCF North West annual Postgraduate Workshop will be held again this year at the University of Liverpool. All MA and PhD students researching in areas relating to modern and contemporary France and the French-speaking world are invited to contribute. The event offers an opportunity for PG students to present their work in a supportive, semi-formal environment, and to take part in critical and constructive discussions with their peers and research staff.

Proposals relating to any aspect of modern and contemporary France are warmly invited. We encourage, where appropriate, an engagement with the workshop theme. Divisions has been chosen to reflect on the recent Paris killings, in particular the rift they have risked creating between the ideal of free speech and the notions of censorship and restriction. This has also prompted extensive debates about social and economic divisions, immigration and the integration of ethno-linguistic minority groups, the justification of violent retaliation, and the tolerance, or otherwise, of the postcolonial Republic.

We invite papers that explore divisions, as well as more general topics, from a wide range of perspectives, including (but not limited to) literary and media studies, history and politics, and social and cultural studies. We are also happy to accept proposals for presentations with a transnational or comparative dimension, as well as those addressing other aspects of Francophonie and France’s relations with the wider world.

Students of French studies are, of course, encouraged to submit proposals; though abstracts from researchers working on modern and contemporary France in history, politics, the social sciences, and other subject areas are also warmly invited.

Please send proposals for twenty-minute presentations together with a CV to Will Amos ( and Hugh Hiscock ( by 31stMarch 2015.

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